OPEN RHCSA where to start RHCSA preparation and required books and hardware

Open RHCSA study guide, today I will present you list of books and hardware required to start preparation. First question I got when I  thought about  RHCSA, where to start ?

I want to complete my RHCSA without attending any training classes. But using existing books and Internet. After  countless hrs browsing, I am starting my journey with following books and hardware.

1.RHCSA/RHCE Red Hat Linux Certification Study Guide (Exams EX200 & EX300), Sixth Edition

2.RHCSA/RHCE Red Hat Linux Certification Practice Exams with Virtual Machines

Author : Micheal Jang.

3.Official Redhat documentation.

I know it is time-consuming process but not for you. I will update our blog with my findings in RHCSA tutorial format.

Hardware: PC/Laptop  with 4 GB RAM with dual core processor.80GB hard disk space.

Configure BSNL dial-up netone to access internet without registration on demand

How to configure BSNL dial up internet connection 2013 ?
Here is latest way to  configure BSNL dial-up service netone without registration at reduced price. BSNL land line owner now access traditional dial up internet access using modem  without registration.

Whenever  your  want, just plugin your land line connection to modem start browsing.

What is BSNL  dialup service  netone ?
Netone dialup service is  old fashioned way of accessing internet using dialup. In this broadband generation it is out dated. But in emergencies it is very useful.

Requirements to use netone BSNL dialup service
Nothing required other than PC and modem.

How to register for this service? is it prepaid or post paid?
No need to register for this service. You can directly start browsing after configuring dial-up connection as mentioned below.
Your land line number bill shows the  usage charges.

How much it cost?
0730 hrs to 2230 hrs(Peak Hrs) Rs. 0.25 per minute [no extra charges for bandwidth]
2230 hrs to 0730hrs(Off peak Hrs) Rs. 0.20 per minute

What is username and  password for BSNL dial up service?

Dial number 172222 ( PAN India same number)
user name :
password  : netone
above login details  are common for all users.

Step by step guide to learn Oracle secure backup OSB lesson 3

Oracle secure backup tutorial  divided into two section. 1.theory 2.Lab.I will present OSB concepts in theory section and we will start lab after few theory lessons

Universal backup/hardware concepts are same, irrespective of backup software/hardware  you use. Instead of inventing wheel, I will use existing wheel I mean Wikipedia to explain those backup concepts.

Very High level representation of any backup configuration components.

Clients ( end-user systems) <—–> Backup software server <—-> Tape library with tapes

Backup server coordinates backup tasks and manages tape media library. Backup software fetches data from Clients and  store data in tapes using tape library.

So now you understand what is tape library,tape drive and cartridge. Good!. Now we ready to fire our rocket to planet OSB :)





Start learning OSB tutorial – Oracle Secure Backup tutorial lesson two

OSB tutorial – Oracle Secure backup is feature rich, easy to administrate backup software.In our Oracle secure backup tutorial, today lets discuss about OSB like how to download and Oracle Secure Backup  License model etc.

OSB ( Oracle Secure Backup) Features:

• Fastest, most efficient Oracle
database backups to tape
• Heterogeneous file system
• Policy-based tape backup
• Advanced device and media
• Dynamic tape drive sharing
• Tape vaulting
• Server-less tape duplication
• Migration from VTL to
physical tape
• Backup encryption options –
Native or hardware
• Integrated with Oracle Recovery
Manager (RMAN) and Enterprise
Manager (EM)
• IPv6 and IPv4 support
• Optimized throughput over
Inifiband connections

License model:
• Low-cost, per tape drive licensing

You can purchase Oracle Secure backup from Here

You can download Oracle secure backup tape management software from

So now we have enough resources to start learning OSB. Next posts related to our OSB tutorial series describe concepts related to OSB.

Now auto backup Amazon S3 data to Glacier made easy

Now backup data from Amazon S3 to Glacier automatically. Glacier is cheapest and best solution to back up your data online for archive purpose. Amazon S3 is good choice for online cloud backup with instant recovery and static file sharing purpose.

Backup Amazon S3 data to Glacier

You can get advantage of both cloud solutions to design best online backup solution.From amazon S3 web console, you can mention life cycle rule to move rarely used data from S3 to Glacier at scheduled time. It will cut your S3 billing a lot.

I am using S3 + Glacier combination to back up my Photos,True crypt archive files and ISO images to save S3 charges.But data retrieval time  stored in Glacier takes 4-5 hr. In frequent used data, it is ok.



How to increase validity of BSNL sim card when online recharge failed

Easy way to increase validity of BSNL sim card ( prepaid) is as follows.  Once your voice plan expired and getting IVR message account suspended then none of on-line recharge options works.

Recharging with 3G data  not going to extend BSNL prepaid sim card validity. So once your voice account suspend or sim validity over. You need to recharge with  any new prepaid plans available at that time  and that too from BSNL reseller or agent.

Although on-line plan continue,change of plan recharge options available, it never works on expired/validity expired accounts.

I am keeping one BSNL sim past 2 years for 3G data purpose and recently i faced this problem. Still today BSNL only giving 3G speeds far better than Docomo,Aircel or Voda.