Big No to BSNL 3G not due to slow speed more than that

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How  BSNL 3G became nightmare for me? Let me tell you complete story.

Why I moved to 3G from Reliance EVDO or netconnect broadband+

I was happy with my Reliance netconnect broadband+ connection. Past 2-3 months I was facing slow speed and only 256 kbps  max download. Upon research found that my area now under network  congestion area list. Reliance unable to give any time frame to fix this issue.So I started checking alternatives. Thats why I moved to 3G!

Why I selected BSNL 3G

I am forced to, because no other provider started 3G at that time. Few ‘non technical’ backgroud friends suggested me that speed is excellent. Ok, purchased BSNL 3G.

Shocking truth revealed  on 2nd day !!!

First day went well as I connected to office VPN and did normal browsing. Next day started my experiments. Even speed touching 3Mbps, youtube buffering and skype dropping sound. After careful observation every 10 seconds it is happening.

So kept Ubuntu download and started monitoring download graph using networkx.  It showed me SHOCKING truth.

Click to enlarge – BSNL 3G download zero for every 10 seconds..

SO what as it bounce back to normal speed instantly?

Let me tell you due to this you can’t make voip calls and not even any voice chat won’t work. Impact torrents and downloads. We are not paying for ‘Only browsing html sites’ right?

Here is video proof [View in full screen mode fro clarity]

Next BIG problem – SHARED PUBLIC IP and NAT

Once you  connected to BSNL 3G, BSNL 3g assigns local IP instead of live public IP  like other providers.. It starts with 10.x.x.x. the Internal IP within BSNL 3G network and will be unique. A few such ip addresses will be clubbed  to form a user group, who should share a common WAN/Internet IP address and bandwidth.

Due to this shared ip system,

You can’t access many websites – Internet webservers face huge traffic from same public ip and they flag it as security issue.( I faced with Google, it asked me to enter captcha code as huge traffic from my IP address. Multiple sites are banning BSNL ips due this shared IP system.

You can’t use file sharing portals like Megashre, Rapidshare…they always say you alraedy you downloading something, even you are not….

You can’t connect your system from outside.

Some of VPN applications won’t work ( like PPTP VPN)

Is this with me only?

Bangalore and entire karnataka.. Try your self and see. Please share your experience here.

Seems it is working fien now
UPDATE:Seems Now BSNL offering good speeds, so give them a try !!!

Author: Rawi G

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Blog author Rawi G

10 thoughts on “Big No to BSNL 3G not due to slow speed more than that

  1. Pradeep on said:

    Good to know that I am not the only one.

  2. Razin on said:

    I have bought 3G data card of 7.2 MBPS and has activated scheem of 4200.
    So total i paid is 7000…..
    80% time of the day i am struggling to open google. Its too slow.I aint be able to connect to customer care.At least half an hour on queue.I have not paid money for that but don’t know what to do in this situation…Can any one help me and tell what can i do

  3. Kirti on said:

    My BSNL broadband connection is not working since a fortnight as there is some serious problem with the BSNL cables. So I have bought BSNL 3G Data card and it is not all connecting with SOUND to skype. BIG waste of Money….. No solution in sight. Too much time required to get solutions and need to go to the BSNL office which is not possible all the time…

  4. naveen on said:

    yeah!…this whole 3g thing sucks!!!…..paying 5-6 times the price of 2g to get just a 3-4 kBps increase in speed is pathetic….im hating this!!!

  5. Gigi on said:

    Same issue in chennai.. every few seconds the send/receive speeds drops down to zero..

    can’t connect to skype or google chat for any more than few minutes.. For the past couple of days, even browsing speed has come down drastically.. if I open four to five pages, a couple of them load immediately while the rest just say loading forever..

  6. nigel on said:

    all the things that this guy says in his blog is absolutely true bsnl is a joke i had good download speeds of upto 4mbps at early morning hours but it was with drops to 0 and i used premium rapidshare, but browsing youtube videos even multiple tab is shocking and if you check the ping quality of bsnl 3g through ur jaw will drop.Recently last 2 weeks my download speeds have dropped to 1 mbps and when i call the illiterate customer care staff they say three words ” we cant do anything”.Im thinking of switching to docomo but prices are 2 high :( any other good providers offering same rates as bsnl in mangalore ?

  7. Abdullah on said:

    yes this is Absolutely TRUE in my case also….i bought BSNL 3g sim + Micromax 3G Data Card + im using 1499RS UNLIMITED PLAN…………i get 1.5 to 1.7 Mbps(SPEED TEST RESULT) speed only after 1′o clock at NIGHT…..but again the same problem starts at morning…the speed DROPS DOWN to 500 to 800 Kbps….its Pathetic…i hate BSNL……im Desperately waiting for AIRTEL 3G…..or some Other Better Carriers

    =======KEEP THIS IN MIND ALSO========
    1KB/sec(kilo Byte per second) = 8Kbps(kilo bits per second)
    THE Kbps thing appers to be a Big value….so the Company Projects this value in there Advertisements and Promos….some people who don’t understand this becomes fool
    So if Tata Docomo says that there USB Modem is of 7.2 Mbps this means that MAXIMUM ACHIEVABLE SPEED FOR DOWNLOAD(HSDPA) is 900 KB/s……
    and practically u can achieve only half of this so at last u get approx 450 KB/s in your hand…..only when the signal strength is Excellent.

  8. Vinod on said:

    BSNL sucks.. Every time i open gmail, i don’t get the chat section and also too slow. Speed drops from 540 kbps to 0 kbps every now and then. All sites get crashed during this period..

  9. Ritesh Ajmeri on said:

    Kindly update the apn of uninor ……
    because csm care of uninor are not having the perfect and enough information..
    i am using the uninor in my unlocked idea data card… and I have to made minimum 30 attemptes to get it connected……

  10. admin on said:

    Uninor APN Settings: uninor
    Uninor Access Number: *99#

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