My Experience and review SAMSUNG CORBY 2 GT-S3850

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For my new web project, now I need social networking enabled contract free – unlocked mobile phone with very tight budget of $110. My requirements:touch screen,Java,Flash support.Yahoo! messenger and course WiFi and good battery life also.

You can suggest me ‘n’ number of models but my budget is $110.Checked many models but all are min $210 above.At last I purchased SAMSUNG Corby 2 – GT S3850. It is having all above mentioned features and that too in my budget limit!!!

Samsung corby 2 s 3850 review and experince


Touch Screen: Good sensitive smooth touch screen interface by Corby 2 GT-S3850.

Network and Band : Corby 2 is global phone.It supports EDGE but not 3G ( for Faster data service , you can use WiFi).

Band GSM&EDGE Band EDGE (850, 900, 1,800, 1,900)

Multitasking : So you can run multiple applications at a time. You can 24×7 online with built in support of social networking apps.(Gtalk,Yahoo,MSN,FaceBook,Twitter..).

Java and Flash support: You can run  any Flash or Java based games or applications.26 MB internal memory and can extend  16GB using memory card.

Browsing experience: Good ! same browsing engine used by Iphone. You can view complete website that too with built in Flash, Java  and adobe pdf support.You can zoom any section of the webpage.

WiFi: Very easy to configure and you can use GPRS or WiFi in case if  any of the service not available.Fail over between WiFi and EDGE is easy.Good  thing  is battery consumption while using WiFi is less compare to other handsets.

CAMERA: 2MP camera is good and you can upload photos directly to Flicker,Picasa,Photo bucket …etc services instantly.

Battery Life: I can say Good. upon moderate usage, it requires charge 3-4 days once.


It won’t support full qwerty keyboard.

You can get full tech details from here. So Guys, I am quite happy with this phone.What you say ?

Author: Rawi G

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