How to execute command on multiple Linux servers at a time

Recently I am forced to check 95 Linux hosts /etc/resolv.conf file and record those entries in single file. Time is very less for this task. How to execute same command on multiple Linux hosts at a time? initially I start writing small shell script with while do loop. Later thought, lets check somebody already have solution on Google.

Bingo! I got excellent tool, in fact it is bundled  in my Ubuntu laptop. Star program name is “DSH”. DSH means  Distributed shell, or dancer’s shell.You can download source and more details from

DSH config file location : /etc/dsh/dsh.conf. Just fill the host names in  /etc/dsh/machines.list or ${sysconfdir}/machines.list and start executing command on them at a time.

example : dsh -a — cat /etc/resolv.conf

Good tool for Sys Admins :) . Suggest me if you have any best for this purpose.

Author: Rawi G

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