Solution to run KVM inside Vmware guest nested vm

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We can install and run KVM based virtual machines  inside Vmware guests.Now using this nested VM  method you can practice KVM using your laptop.No need to have dual boot or multiple systems. We going to use this method while building RHCSA lab for our RHCSA self study tutorial series.

I am using Vmware workstation 8 for this purpose. I am not sure about other Vmware products work with this trick.

1.While creating VM, select LSI logic SAS as storage controller.

2.Customize hardware – processor – select virtualize  Intel VT-x/AMD-V.

3.Edit .VMX file and append following line.

apic.xapic.enabled = FALSE

Now start/reboot your VM. Now you can install KVM based vms  in  your VMWARE guest.



Author: Rawi G

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