How to build personal Cloud under $100 at your home basement

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Cloud,Cloud.. Cloud. This is the new fever spread in IT industry. With your always on internet connection any one can build their personal cloud without paying anyone that too without any computer hardware. Sound stupid right ?

No, you can start your own personal cloud  at your home with around $100 cost. You can access your files from anywhere and any internet connected device. How it is possible?

Smart devices like Tonido,pogoplug made this possible. fulfill your personal Cloud dream. You need to connect any of these low powered,tiny  devices to your internet Router. Attach your USB drive to device. Thats’it, now you can access your data from any net connected device ( Phones,tablets..etc) remotely.

Are they safe? Yes ! lot better than public clouds where your data is not yours!!!!. At your personal cloud all is yours.Hardware is yours and data also.No need to depend on third-party. Non need to run your PC 24×7 at your home basement.  No need to configure complicated services like NFS/Samba,Ftp

Just plug and go Cloud. I am not saying it is for professional use. But for home users it is more than enough. Just try and see.

Author: Rawi G

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