How to plan Amazon Glacier online archive upload to save money

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Amazon Glacier cloud storage series, today lets see how to plan archives before uploading to Amazon Glacier online cloud archive service.Planing is required to save money at time of retrieval. Amazon Glacier data retrieval will burn your wallet if you didn’t plan properly.

  1. The more data you upload, you will get more free download limit.
  2. Never delete files once uploaded, with in 3 months, it charges much money.
  3. Split your archives into 1 GB each.
  4. Per day retrieve max 1 GB only.
  5. Use trusted Amazon Glacier client software, every request costs your wallet. If program is buggy, then it will cost you like anything.
  6. Maintain your own database of file name and archive id.

Follow above 6  steps to save  money while retrieving data from Amazon Glacier-  cheapest online storage.

Author: Rawi G

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