Start learning OSB tutorial – Oracle Secure Backup tutorial lesson two

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OSB tutorial – Oracle Secure backup is feature rich, easy to administrate backup software.In our Oracle secure backup tutorial, today lets discuss about OSB like how to download and Oracle Secure Backup  License model etc.

OSB ( Oracle Secure Backup) Features:

• Fastest, most efficient Oracle
database backups to tape
• Heterogeneous file system
• Policy-based tape backup
• Advanced device and media
• Dynamic tape drive sharing
• Tape vaulting
• Server-less tape duplication
• Migration from VTL to
physical tape
• Backup encryption options –
Native or hardware
• Integrated with Oracle Recovery
Manager (RMAN) and Enterprise
Manager (EM)
• IPv6 and IPv4 support
• Optimized throughput over
Inifiband connections

License model:
• Low-cost, per tape drive licensing

You can purchase Oracle Secure backup from Here

You can download Oracle secure backup tape management software from

So now we have enough resources to start learning OSB. Next posts related to our OSB tutorial series describe concepts related to OSB.

Author: Rawi G

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