Step by step guide to learn Oracle secure backup OSB lesson 3

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Oracle secure backup tutorial  divided into two section. 1.theory 2.Lab.I will present OSB concepts in theory section and we will start lab after few theory lessons

Universal backup/hardware concepts are same, irrespective of backup software/hardware  you use. Instead of inventing wheel, I will use existing wheel I mean Wikipedia to explain those backup concepts.

Very High level representation of any backup configuration components.

Clients ( end-user systems) <—–> Backup software server <—-> Tape library with tapes

Backup server coordinates backup tasks and manages tape media library. Backup software fetches data from Clients and  store data in tapes using tape library.

So now you understand what is tape library,tape drive and cartridge. Good!. Now we ready to fire our rocket to planet OSB





Author: Rawi G

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